Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Open letters

Dear Internet: please stop spawning huge and interesting discussions when I don't have time to keep track of them.

Dear LJ: please implement one of the many suggestions for dealing with big comment threads, such as a sort-by-timestamp option or an option to uncollapse all comments (perhaps without userpics, or only for paid users).

Dear dog: please eat your damn food in the morning without having it practically shoved down your throat. You get sick if you don't eat. Also, please come when I call you.

Dear self: go to bed when you say you will. Stop re-setting the alarm in the mornings. And whatever you did to your hair this morning, don't.

Dear weather: some sun, please?

Dear L.L. Bean and Sears: thank you for making some of L.L. Bean's stuff available in retail stores, especially winter footwear for procrastinators like me.

Dear Canon and whoever makes the cheesy imaging software that came with our camera: I really don't know whether to thank you or not for making things like this possible.

Dear litigants: don't. Just . . . don't.

Dear Chad: Thank you for the early Christmas present.

Dear self, again: suck it up and deal. You're pretty damn lucky, all in all, and tonight, if you're good, you can have another of those fabulous chocolates (and there's a nice plotty-looking Lost episode too). You really don't have any reason to be so cross today, and anyway things are going to get worse in the next several days, so no use starting this now. Go get your work clothes on and get to work. Maybe you should listen to Bloodletting in the car—it'll make you feel better, not the least because you have really cool friends. But get moving.

Tags: cranky, pictures

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