Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Three things about Lost 1.12, "Whatever the Case May Be"

  1. Rose telling Charlie to ask for help by praying was a nice contrast to Locke's telling him to ask the island for help. Even if it makes her sound like Mother Abigail.
  2. Kate and Sawyer deserve each other. I fantasize that he'll go too far with his creepy only-half-joking attitude that violence is a sexual overture, they'll kill each other in the resulting fight, and I won't have to see either of them again.

    (I admit, though, that Kate being sneaky and manipulative is infinitesimally better than her martyr act.)

  3. Would I have in a million years thought of Sayid/Shannon? No. Could I see it working? Maybe, to my bemusement; redemptive is probably too strong a word, but something like that. (Or hurt/comfort, considering that Bad Things appear to be in store for her next week.)

In other news, Jack: still boring (even when getting a clue); Locke: still creepy; Boone: increasingly creepy; and episode pace: worryingly slow, perhaps because of the multi-threading.

Tags: lost (tv series), tv

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