Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Four Things about Lost 1.13, "Hearts and Minds"

Whoosh. Ramped the pace way up again, it seemed.

  1. Jack's wearing the key to the case around his neck.
  2. Hey to Sawyer getting dragged into the police station in Sydney. Dare I hope he was actually doing something wrong? Ambiguity, give us some more ambiguity ("We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty!").
  3. I rather like the idea that Jin speaks English too. His side of things ought to be interesting.
  4. Okay, maybe it's not technically incest, and it was a drunk and regretted one-night stand at least on her part, but it's still very icky to sleep with the person who's been your step-sib since you were 10 and 8.

    And do they have MAJOR issues, individually and together, or what? To take just one—"I felt relieved"? I don't know whether this lengthens Sayid's life expectancy or shortens hers. (And was that effective storytelling or another cheat? I'm leaning towards the first—it was a very Locke thing to do, and led to something interesting, while Charlie's non-death lacked either logic or ramifications.)

(By the way: was there an opening shot of an eye last week? I really thought I was looking from the very start but didn't see it, so I wondered if they'd abandoned the concept for the second half of the season—but there it was again tonight.)

Tags: lost (tv series), tv

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