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Week in Review

First: go, Patriots! 20-3 over the Colts, very nice indeed.

I was supposed to go to a high school reunion this weekend (would have been my first), but it was cancelled this week for logistical reasons. So instead we stayed here to run errands and work and watch football, and I made cheese fondue last night and managed to stab myself, because I am so coordinated like that. (Yes, with one of the new knives.)

It's not serious, but having any cut on the palm side of the hand is extremely inconvenient. For instance, I am pretty definitely not carrying that big box o' work back into work on Tuesday; it can stay here and be dealt with at night at least through Wednesday. And I type a more common but unintended word all the time when touch-typing, but you wouldn't think it would be possible while typing with one hand and staring at the keyboard, would you?

The fondue was good, at least, though needing some minor refinements.

And since typing is very slow and most else about this week is work, I shall leave you all with good wishes for the coming week.

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