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Oh dear. I take no responsibility for what follows.

  1. Who are you?

    Ask any of the chickies in my pen
    They'll tell you I'm the biggest mother . . . hen

  2. What do you look like?

    And I'll appear in a Lavaliere
    That goes all the way down to my waist
    Here a ring, there a ring, everywhere a ring-aling
    But always in the best of taste

  3. What's your secret?

    Long as you keep 'em way off balance
    How can they spot you got no talents?

  4. What do you want to be?

    I'm gonna be a celebrity
    That means somebody everyone knows

  5. What can you do?

    Now for the last number in our act, we did these twenty acrobatic tricks in a row. One, two, three, four, five, splits, spread-eagles, back flips, flip flops, one right after the other.

  6. What can't you do?

    But my sister is now unfortunately—deceased
    Oh, I know it's sad, of course, but a fact is still a fact
    And now all that remains, is the remains
    Of a perfect double act

  7. What is love?

    What if the world slandered my name?
    Why he'd be right there, taking the blame
    He loves me so and it all suits me fine
    That funny, sunny, honey, hubby of mine

  8. What is friendship?

    Let's all stroke together, like the Princeton crew

  9. Are you strong?

    And then he ran into my knife. He ran into my knife ten times.

  10. What are you afraid of?

    I hope I haven't taken up too much of your time.

  11. What would you do with a million dollars?

    Find a flask, we're playing fast and loose

  12. What would you tell the one who loves you?

    So I said to him, I said "You pop that gum one more time . . . "

  13. What do you want to do?

    And who in case she doesn't hang
    Can say she started with a bang?

  14. Where do you want to be?

    Come on, babe, we're gonna brush the sky
    I bet you Lucky Lindy never flew so high
    'Cause in the stratosphere how could he lend an ear
    To all that jazz?

  15. What do you want?

    Though my choo-choo jumped the track
    I'd give my life to bring him back

[ This is what happens when you think about memes while listening to the Chicago (movie) soundtrack in the car. I may not be able to do this seriously, now. ]

Tags: memes, music, silly

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