Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Three things about Lost 1.14, "Special"

  1. Shannon has an eating disorder? I am shocked, shocked I say!
  2. I was pleased by the Michael and Walt relationship, which seemed painfully real in all its well-intentioned awkwardness (especially Michael making himself the bad guy to cover for Bryan). Un-real, of course was the not-so-subtle suggestion that Walt "made something happen" to the plane—which I personally think is a red herring, because if he didn't want to go anywhere with Michael, surely he would have done something (subconsciously, this definitely seems subconscious to me) before takeoff?
  3. And most importantly: final shot of the episode, Claire is back, and it's a REPEAT next week?! Bastards.

In other news, Locke: still creepy and untrustworthy even when he's doing and saying the right things. Jack: still no sense of humor. ObSawyerThreatening: still dull. And Emmy: still perplexed and concerned when Vincent the Doomrador barks.

Tags: lost (tv series), tv

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