Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Week in Review

Go Patriots! They didn't dominate this game as thoroughly as the Colts game, but I think battling back when things were looking dodgy in the second half made it equally impressive in a different way. (I do feel a bit bad for Ben Roethlisberger, who looked very much like he wanted to cry even when driving for a meaningless end-of-game touchdown. He seems like a class act; I saw him deliberately seek out Tom Brady and Bill Belichick at the end to congratulate them. It's like my attitude toward Drew Bledsoe; I'd like to see him do well, just not too well.)

Otherwise this week: yes, bitter cold and about a foot of snow this weekend. It's been so cold that this snow, like the snow already on the ground, is really dry and powdery; the feel and sound of it under my shoes sends little squiggles of discomfort up my spine. At least it's very light and the dog is having a lot of fun bounding through it.

Memo to nearsighted self: do not forget your prescription glasses at home the one day you wear your prescription sunglasses on the drive in. But if you do forget them, try to arrange things so that you don't get stuck at work past sunset.

(Should I have done work instead of watching the football game tonight? Possibly. Would I have hated every minute of it and gone into the week deeply crabby and distracted? You bet. Am I going to bed early tonight to try and improve my odds of starting the (forthcoming brutual) week fresh? Good night, everybody.)

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