Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Anyone have Curse of the Pharoahs on hand?

Does anyone have a copy of Elizabeth Peters' The Curse of the Pharoahs on hand? I've been listening to the audiobook and it sounds like something got left out of the file, in Chapter 8.

It's after Emerson gets hit by the thrown statue head, and goes to visit the workers. Abdullah says something about guilty men & judges, children and fathers, and Emerson says don't be silly, you're my friends. Then he says something in Arabic, and then the next thing I hear is Amelia saying (approximately) "of course if I wanted him to stay in bed, I would have managed it, but." It's not like Amelia to leave Arabic untranslated or to neglect transitions—is this a glitch?

I stopped by one bookstore today which didn't have it, and the closest library doesn't either. Anyone able to pull the book off the shelf and tell me if the file dropped a few minutes? Thanks.

ETA: not only is all knowledge contained in LJ, but it has fast responses times too (and yes, I know there's something wrong with that sentence but I have a headache, sorry). Thank you, erikagillian.

Tags: books

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