Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Super Bowl 39

Good grief, what a wringer. Don't call it a dynasty, they've squeaked through all three of their championships—and they were greatly helped by the Eagles apparently failing to realize how little time they had on the clock on their last touchdown drive. Yes, they got the seven points, but there was no urgency to it—it was like they'd never heard of no-huddle. I know the Patriots are past masters of the two-minute drill, but they don't have a monopoly on it—and the Eagles were certainly capable of going down the field twice if they'd had the time.

Not a very clean game; uncharacteristic number of penalties, horrible ugly Brady fumble inside the ten, soft coverage after Eugene Wilson was injured . . . (Sloppy field, too, it seemed like.)

Fox's coverage is AWFUL. They were getting names of scorers wrong, making errors all over the place, using terrible camera angles—I think I yelled at the broadcast nearly as much as at the players.

Thank everything that the Eagles lost because I could not have borne Owens if they did.

Yes, I really like watching Tom Brady (who got a haircut) on the field, but I have major soft spots for Corey Dillon and Tedy Bruschi—Rodney Harrison too, who Chad pointed out had a pretty good claim on an MVP award himself, but definitely Dillon and Bruschi. Dillon just never quits; I love the way he keeps going when I'm convinced that he's been stopped. And Bruschi is such a smart defensive player and has such fun on the field. (They had a clip of him and two of his kids on the field yesterday which was awfully cute.)

(Not quite as cute as the Puppy Bowl, though, which was just ridiculous—two and a half hours of puppies playing and splashing in waterbowls and chewing on toys and sniffing at the camera. Fuzzy romping puppies!)

I seem not to be convinced they actually won, down in my backbrain. But I'm going to stop faffing about with this, pet the doggie while watching more highlights, and then go to bed. And dream of interceptions and puppies, probably.

Tags: dogs, football

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