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Which authors have you read 10 or more books by?

I think this may have gone around LJ a while back, but I'm importing it now from the blogosphere via Chad's book log.

  1. Piers Anthony (not for years, though!)
  2. Lawrence Block (just the funny ones)
  3. Steven Brust (everything except To Reign in Hell, which I got out of the library, read ten pages of, and then never picked up again until it needed to go back)
  4. Lois McMaster Bujold (everything)
  5. Jennifer Crusie (everything except that novella Sizzle which is apparently not to be found for love or money)
  6. Stephen Donaldson (both Covenant trilogies, before I realized I wasn't enjoying myself, and the Gap series—which I actually kinda liked, though I haven't dared re-read them)
  7. Debra Doyle & James D. Macdonald (seven Mageworlds books, six Circle of Magic YAs, Knight's Wyrd, and the solo Apocalypse Door)
  8. Diane Duane (the stuff set in the Wizardry-verse and the Door books)
  9. Dave Duncan (Man of His Word/Handful of Men, the two Omar books, two of the King's Blade series, and Past Imperative which I found boring)
  10. David Eddings (I stopped after the second trilogy, but sixteen was still too many)
  11. Neil Gaiman (counting the Sandman collections as separate books, plus the other books, except picture-books)
  12. Georgette Heyer (not everything, but quite a lot)
  13. Stephen King (not a lot of recent stuff, but at least twenty)
  14. Mercedes Lackey (I stopped reading her automatically after the Gryphon trilogy, though I've picked up the occasional one since. Apparently The Fairy Godmother doesn't suck?)
  15. Anne McCaffrey (I think I stopped reading the Pern novels with, umm, Masterharper?)
  16. L.M. Montgomery (I thought I'd read all of her novels (except Jane of Lantern Hill which is ripening on a shelf), but in checking a bibliography, there are several I'd never heard of: Kilmeny of the Orchard, The Story Girl, The Golden Road, and Magic for Marigold)
  17. Ellis Peters (though I'm not done with the Cadfael books yet)
  18. Tamora Pierce (everything)
  19. J.D. Robb (everything)
  20. Nora Roberts (vast quantities, even still occasionally)
  21. Terry Pratchett (everything except either Strata or The Dark Side of the Sun, I forget which)
  22. Dorothy Sayers (everything)
  23. Rex Stout (all of the Nero Wolfe books)
  24. Donald Westlake (all the Dortmunders, and a few other funny ones)
  25. James White (all twelve Sector General books)
  26. Patricia Wrede (everything but the tie-ins)
  27. Roger Zelazny (Amber, of course)

I am inordinately amused that I stopped reading Robert Jordan before I would have to list him here.

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