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Hero (SPOILERS), or, why I am not to watch any more Asian dramas

So we just watched Hero, because I was very tired and lying back and looking at something pretty seemed like a relaxing way to end the evening.

Unfortunately, when one spends five minutes after a movie's end yelling about how STUPID it was, one is not exactly in the mood to drop off into restorative slumber.

I was pretty well okay with the movie up until the end of the green version, when Broken Sword doesn't kill the King. I thought the red version, the first one, was fine except for the minor detail of, if they hadn't spoken for three years, why they went into hiding together, but it was gorgeously done, I think the most visually striking sequence of the movie. And the blue and white versions, up to the point of the green flashback, didn't have anything that obviously struck me as strange.

But then we get the propoganda (which was hugely annoying), and Nameless's decision not to kill the King, which sets up the last act. And from then on it was just, I'm sorry to shout again, but it was STUPID.

Specifically, not blocking your one true love's sword is not a good way of convincing her that you really do love her. Fat lot of good it will do you when you're dead!

(Actually, I think it takes the prize for the ultimate passive-aggressive manuver. Especially since it was entirely foreseeable that she would then kill herself in remorse, though I would like it think it was because of the shame of having loved such an idiot.)

And since Nameless didn't intend to carry out his plan at all, then why the hell did he show up in the first place? Don't say, because otherwise we have no movie, because that is not a useful answer. If it was to deliver the lesson about the levels of swordsmanship and when not to fight, well, didn't work so well, did it? (And again, fat lot of good it does him to be buried as a hero, when he is still dead.)

I didn't like the way the female characters were the ones solely driven by passion, and out of the reach of intellect, either, for all that they could kick butt.

And don't fight in libraries!

In conclusion:

I am not to watch Asian dramas again, because the people in them are aliens, not actual characters, and the ranting disturbs the sleepy doggie.

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