Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

NaNoKateMo and the Dark Tower

(spoilers only by the broadest definition of the word)

So I was on AIM with athenais a while ago, procrastinating over the last couple of paragraphs on a memo. She mentioned having signed up for NaNoEdMo. It took me a minute to parse that, but I got it eventually and commented, as I said good night, that there was a month for everything these days.

A few minutes later, a message window pops back up with this:

athenais: NaNoKateMo!
kate_nepveu: *splurt*
kate_nepveu: and what would it be FOR?


kate_nepveu: National No*** Kate Month.
kate_nepveu: National No Kate Month, in which Kate goes into hibernation.
kate_nepveu: or calls herself Susan.
kate_nepveu: National Northwestern Kate Month, in which Kate visits Seattle for the first itme.
kate_nepveu: umm, . . .
kate_nepveu: OH! National Novel-READING Kate Month!

athenais later declared NaNoKateMo to be this month, and oddly enough, work has finally slacked off enough to make it so. I've had an ARC of The Hallowed Hunt since mid-January, and wasn't able to touch it until just recently (though I think it was still technically February). (It needs a re-read before I talk about it.) I re-read The Nine Tailors.

And over the last two nights, I read the fifth Dark Tower book, The Wolves of the Calla. I read Song of Susannah tonight (which is some bit shorter, being both a thinner volume and on noticeably thicker paper).

I am so glad that I did not have to wait six months for the conclusion after that. It is a great effort to wait even one night—which is mostly why I'm posting this, to occupy just a little more time before bed. The rest of the reason why is to say how fiercely I love them, Roland and Jake and Eddie and Susannah and Oy (especially Jake at the moment, who has a particularly incandescent moment in this book), and as a result how much I simultaneously long for and dread tomorrow night's reading. I ran headlong into some spoilers, you see, and I expect to be fairly well broken about twenty-four hours from now.

Right now I say it will be worth it. I hope to be able to say the same later.

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