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Three Weeks in Review

The week after Boskone was all work (including an interesting deposition), with the exception of being sporky about Hero.

Last weekend, we went down to Long Island for Chad's grandmother's 80th birthday party. It was not exactly restful—it was a late night, Chad had a cold, and we were sleeping on an air mattress next to the basement furnace. However, there was great food and good company, and Grums really enjoyed herself. I was especially glad to spend more time with (Great-) Uncle A. and Aunt H., who'd come out from California.

Amusingly (at least to me), this was the second birthday party in a row where we had difficulties getting back in the house afterwards. On Grums's 75th, someone put in the wrong security code, so the alarm went off. This year, the lock stuck or something, and then the doorknob snapped right off in Uncle R.'s hand. Someone eventually jiggled the lock in the right way to get us inside without having to break a window, though.

This weekend I went on an epic quest for sandals, through two full malls; I have the worst luck when it comes to buying shoes, honest. But I eventually found two suitable pairs (each with slightly different functions), bought them both, and came home with a raging headache. Today we met Chad's parents halfway for Chad's father's birthday dinner, and now I'm putzing on the computer while Chad watches NCAA hoops neepery. It's actually been a productive writing weekend, with book-logging and working on a new web page, but tomorrow night I hope to get back to reading with the last Dark Tower book.

And in less than a week, we are on the cruise!

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