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Song lyrics meme (variant)

Cruise in review coming tomorrow or the next day, but a couple of silly things now just to get them out of the way. First, a slightly different version of guess the song from a lyric, based on (draft) playlists rather than shuffled music.


A. [instrumental, though you can guess anyway, I suppose]

B. I cannot grow old in Salem's Lot

C. Lordy things ain't been the same since the blues walked into town

D. Buying time, they say, is a dangerous thing / you never know exactly what the time will bring

E. Long distance callers make long distance calls / and the silence makes me lonely

"One Way to Rockville, Redux"

1. Promises of what I seemed to be / only watched the time go by

2. You're every bridge I should have burned / every lesson I've unlearned

3. That's where I'll hold you, sleeping like a child

4. I got this whiskey to take care of my lips / I got these long cool steel strings at my fingertips

5. Farewell to the city and the love of my life / least we left before we had to go

6. I know that fortune is waiting to be kind / so give me your hand and say you'll be mine

7. Mixing up drinks with mixed feelings

8. If I'm more, then it means less / last call for happiness

[indeterminate number of other songs, culminating in]

n-1. I am still dreaming of your face / hungry and hollow for all the things you took away

n. I'm there with a cheap beach blanket / the kind you don't take home [edited in case of blog readership overlap]

(I had a mix tape called One Way to Rockville, which was loud-ish guitar stuff to keep me awake on the 90-minute Metro trip from my Alexandria apartment to Chad's place in Rockville. It originally started with two of the songs that are here but in a different order.)

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