Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Weekend in Review

Minor notes about the weekend. There's not much to say about the week.

1. While I love my job, it would be improved out of all recognition if, upon receiving a Complaint that only hit #4 on the Slushkiller list, I could simply read the first page and then send it back with a "I'm sorry, but your submission does not meet our needs at this time," rather than spending several hours of my life carefully reading and summarizing every word.

2. I've bought a new computer—actually two, thanks to a little website glitch, but they assure me the duplicate order has been cancelled. Of course, it has to be built, which may take up to a month . . . but it will be very shiny when I get it.

3. I really do mean to do a Cruise in Review post. I even have all the picture filenames lined up in thematic order. Not that I expect anyone to be panting after this, but I want to have done it, and saying it here makes its accomplishment marginally more likely.

4. Ocean's Twelve didn't suck, but it tried much too hard. The thing with Tess went on forever, and the movie's denouements left me saying "wait, what?" rather than "ahhh, cool." On the shallow eye candy front: Brad Pitt's haircut was not flattering; Catherine Zeta-Jones's haircut was; and Julia Roberts, amazingly, is nearly as unattractive in this movie as in the last (objectively, that is; subjectively she may have done better previously because, well, there wasn't Catherine Zeta-Jones).

Tags: [time] in review, movies, tech

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