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Q. on ending of the Dark Tower series (ULTIMATE SPOILERS)

Finished book seven. Have a question on the very ending [*]. DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE BOOK—not that there would be any reason for you to, since you couldn't answer the question.

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So, the Coda. Are we to understand that Roland's multiply-repeated journey each time includes Jake, Eddie, Susannah, and Oy; or is this the first time that this ka-tet has been with him?

I'm groping here, but . . . the thought that he let Jake drop, and all the rest, not just once but many times is very painful. They deserve better than to suffer—to be made to suffer—over and over just because Roland is thick. And, excuse me, but they saved the Tower! Isn't that enough? Of all the people who fuck up their lives, why is Roland condemned to this?

OTOH, if this is the first time, and they've changed him enough that things are different the next time . . . then I think I can live with that. Saving the Tower and Roland, not bad for a life's work. Though the thing with the Horn completely baffles me—when did he need it? Why is there at all, since it's from before the closed loop and therefore ought to be unreachable, always fixed in his past and left behind when Cuthbert died?

*wanders off confused, nursing a broken heart*

[*] Yes, I read it, even though Chad had marked it off for me, because I'd already been spoiled for it in casual conversation in a random forum, so I figured I might as well get the full story before it completely becomes part of general cultural knowledge.

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