Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Week in Review

Whee. Tired.

No Mental Hygiene hearings this week, though probably one next week and definitely one the week after. Back-to-back oral arguments on Friday; absolutely no idea how they went, as the judge didn't ask questions or indeed visibly react at all. Shortly after I got back from oral argument, a decision came in that I'd been salivating after. I spent untold hours on this case back in November and December; it was a challenge to an administrative decision, and that decision was based on a ~3500 page record. Which I had to go through every page of, while learning special education law on the fly. (Just to give you an idea, opposing counsel's memorandum of law was 68 pages; mine was 63 pages.) Anyway, very invested in it, really wanted to win, and so had been hoping to see the decision in the mail daily (not the judge's fault; we needed to have a hearing on a preliminary issue that wasn't until the end of March).

We won. On every point—the legal standard that ought to apply, as well as the facts. I was thrilled.

I insisted on taking the decision (along with the original motion papers, including the two boxes of administrative record) over to the court myself, because I wanted the satisfaction of personally handing the papers to the clerk and making it official. Everyone thought I was nuts, and it's true that it probably was not the best use of my time, but it made me happy. Now just have to wait and see if it's appealed.

Saturday Chad went to play golf in Williamstown, and I stayed home to make tiramisu, clean, that kind of thing. I went over later for dinner, which was delicious and convivial. We got back late, of course, and then were up early-ish to do more house stuff. Chad's parents and grandmother came up for Mother's Day and to see the house, and they brought the little monster puppy. We had a nice meal, the dog behaved reasonably well, and we even got in a good admiring of the now-green backyard before the deluge. Wished my folks a happy Mother's Day over the phone, and now I'm going to bed.

(I'd hope to get completely up-to-date on the book log today, but instead I only managed one entry. Three to go, oh well.)

[ Edited to add: I forgot, we also got our new front door and screen door installed this week. It's so novel to walk in the house and have the screen door shut behind you by itself. No need to reach behind, pull up, yank in, and then shake head over how it still doesn't really fit in the opening. We still need to paint the front door and then replace the flooring in the vestibule (and then get someone to paint the entire outside of the house), but progress is being made. ]

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