Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Four Things About Lost 1.22, "Born to Run"

Possibly I only have room to follow one TV series at a time? Ever since I started watching Firefly, I've been very "enh" about Lost. On the other hand, I wasn't crazy about the first Sayid episode either, and tonight was a Kate episode, which is nearly all I need to say . . .

  1. Where was the "previously on Lost"? I thought we had the wrong channel for a moment.
  2. I note that we still don't know why Kate was originally wanted, since she was hiding from the cops even before the bank robbery. And, that was "the man I killed"? So lame.
  3. People telling each other secrets! And then immediately backsliding. Pfui. But at least Michael kept his cool.
  4. Is Vincent going on the raft?

Tags: lost (tv series), tv

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