Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Week in Review

Might as well start doing these again, for all that I still haven't touched the Cruise in Review.

This wasn't a great week; a few different physical things combined to drag my energy levels way down, I fought a ridiculously long series of battles with a phone system (and still haven't won the war), stuff like that. There was actual socializing, though: Chad's parents were in town Thursday night through Saturday morning, and we went to a pre-wedding party on Saturday that was fun. Some more Firefly, and I went to bed last night in a pretty good mood.

Today I am cranky, because after lengthy tech support sessions yesterday and today, it transpires that my computer will not actually do something it should, because it was built with the wrong part. The fact that it took several attempts to figure out that it's the wrong part has something to do with the crankiness. (Specifically, unlike the Synaptics touchpad that's supposed to ship with this model, the Alps touchpad doesn't have a "palm check" feature. This means that it's unusable, because when I type, my right hand causes the cursor to jump all over the place. Normally I use an external trackball and turn the touchpad off, but that's not always convenient.) The parts can't just be swapped in and out, so I have very politely asked that I get a new machine. As I expected, I was bumped to a different level of support; we'll see what happens.

At least I got to read the second volume of Lucifer today while waiting on support, which is ambitious indeed. And the crankiness gives me an excuse to drag out the other new icon.

Oh, and Emmy was very amusingly befuddled this week to find a grey cat in our front yard that really just wanted to play and be friends. Mostly Emmy ran away, because she can't deal with furry things that aren't (1) dogs or (2) acting like prey. It was a very nice cat; I spent a little time petting it (staying carefully out of range of claws and teeth), because I miss having a cat.

More laundry, and then maybe "The Message," or maybe just comfort reading. At least the weather's got warm again.

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