Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Firefly 111, "The Message"

One more episode to round out the weekend.

"The Message" (111): In which Mal and Zoe get a dead body through the post.

This was decent, but not great. For it to really work, I thought it needed an explicit statement from Zoe and Mal, to Tracey, of the form "we trust Book." (There's one in the shooting script, but I just double-checked the episode and it wasn't there.) Also, the repeated voiceover at the end was ham-handed.

(I miss not having transcripts for the unaired episodes. If I want really good cat-vacuuming some day, I might see about editing the shooting scripts appropriately.)

My first reaction on seeing the voice recorder, by the way, was, "Hey, iPod Shuffle!" (Yes, I know the script predates it.)

I did like the Simon/Kaylee here, though. Simon's trying to loosen up, he's just hapless at romantic banter. Kaylee might be over-sensitive regarding social status and respect, but I think this episode reminded her of the ways in which Simon isn't hapless, the ones that count.

Book knows fed procedure and command stripes, which is no longer surprising; Jayne loves his mom and doesn't expect to live that long, which isn't exactly surprising either but rounds him out a little more, which is nice.

We also watched the deleted scene from "Our Mrs. Reynolds," which was indeed both funny and squirmy, and the little feature on Serenity the ship. When the statement, "We designed the ship very carefully," is followed by a description of the color schemes, you really know that this ain't hard sf. Chad just looked pained.

Next and last, "Heart of Gold" and "Objects in Space." (Have to watch them together, because I'm expecting not to like "Heart of Gold.")

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