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Book meme

As requested by rysmiel.

1. Total number of books I've owned:

Back-of-the-envelope suggests in the neighborhood of three thousand.

2. Last book I bought:

It was the school budget vote today, and they always have 50 cent paperbacks as a fundraiser. So I bought Suzanne Brockmann's The Defiant Hero, which is part of a contemporary romance series that I've been getting out of the library, and Tom Clancy's Red Storm Rising, because I used to like it back when I read Dad's copy.

I think Red Storm Rising will make great bedtime reading this week, actually.

3. Last book I read:

Volume two of Lucifer, Children and Monsters. I was dealing with tech support so I wasn't in the best mood for it; when I realized I didn't actually understand immediately what was going on, I just skimmed very fast to the end, got explanations, and then went back and read normally. Despite the inauspicious circumstances, I liked it very much.

Last text-only would be Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH.

4. 5 books that mean a lot to me:

Hey, I did most important books and favorite books already! Oh, all right: Freedom and Necessity, The Lord of the Rings, Possession, for the reasons stated previously. Here I find that "mean a lot" isn't congruent with "most important" or "favorite," flail, come up with Small Gods for philosophical reasons, and retire from the field in confusion.

5. Five people to take up the meme and answer in their own lj.

I can't keep track of who's already done this, and so invite anyone reading who would like to answer. (Leave a link in comments, please.)

Me! Me!

Me too.