Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Silly Star Wars thought

Before Chad posted about the problems with the new Star Wars movies, we talked about it over dinner and came up with a very silly idea (which I then forgot about until today, when the movie came out), to wit:

Chad: "—and the time scale is all wrong too, unless Luke is secretly a Dragaeran with a two-hundred-year adolesence."

Kate: " . . . I'm sorry, I think the idea of that crossover broke my brain."

From there, we determined in short order that if Luke (and Leia, and Anakin, etc.) are Dragaerans, then the Sith are Jenoine, Yoda is a Serioli, and the Ewoks—smaller and hairier than the Jedi—are Easterners. What's more, the movies are set as the Cycle turns to Teckla, since the Teckla have a Republic instead of an Empire!

I think we stopped before I tried to draw parallels between the conceptions of Anakin and Aliera, which is all for the best since they aren't actually that close and the idea really, really makes my head hurt.

Tags: books, movies, sff, silly, star wars

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