Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Multiple Things About Lost 1.23, "Exodus, Part One"

Wow, that didn't suck.

Flashback thoughts:

  • Agent-guy who captured Kate was a sadistic bastard, wasn't he? I mean, she's still majorly screwed up to place that much emphasis on a physical thing, but the taunting was not cool.
  • I couldn't quite see: did Sun dump the hot drink over Jin on purpose, perhaps to distract him while she ducked away? Except that we already saw her at the pickup time and Jin was in line, so I'm not sure of the timing.
  • So . . . was the plane delayed because of Shannon's bitchiness? Did that have anything to do with their location when they crashed? Am I grasping at straws? I think I am.

Island thoughts:

  • The Jack-Sawyer scene was surprisingly well-done.
  • Is it really a good idea to name a ship after a very non-floating thing like a rock? (Besides, think of the Black Pearl jokes.)
  • The former-extra science teacher bugs me, for some reason.
  • Does this hiding plan seem kind of half-baked to everyone? For one thing, at least a few people are going to need to stay outside, to, I don't know, cover up the hatch again, and say when it's safe to come out—though how they'll know that, I have no idea. And won't blowing up the hatch make a big noise and draw the Others' attention right to that area, even if it doesn't render the hatch-thing uninhabitable?
  • I found the music in the ending intrusive, but the shots without dialogue worked well. And poor Vincent! I thought for a minute he'd keep swimming and drown (because that's what happens to beloved childhood pets in dramas).

I didn't realize that next week was two hours. I think Chad's inviting students over for dinner then; either we have to kick them out earlier than usual, or put up with them all the way until 10. Hmm.

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