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technical note to self

Do not have your personal e-mail account for your personal domain set to be the default account that all improperly-addressed e-mail to that domain comes to. Otherwise, someday, a spammer will decide to use "lkjweoisdlkfj@steelypips"-type return addresses for its spamming, and you will get 700 bounced messages in your personal inbox in an afternoon. Save yourself the momentary panic of wondering if someone's targeted your domain for a DOS attack, and don't change the default address back from ":fail:no such address here".

Two other technical notes:

  • Steelypips now mirrors the rec.arts.sf.written FAQ by permission of the maintainer;
  • Weirdly, our page of personal wedding pictures is currently number two on a regular Google search for "wedding pictures," but Emmy's brief period of fame on Google's image search for "dog" has ended. Is there a household conservation of Google-fame, perhaps?
wood cat

Book Log Update

Normally I don't post separate notices of book log updates here, but having just cleared my backlog by adding seven books in one swell foop, I thought I'd make an exception this time.

There for your reading pleasure are my comments on:

  • The Hot Rock, by Donald Westlake
  • Issola, by Steven Brust
  • The Element of Fire, by Martha Wells
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, by Alan Moore
  • Deep Secret, by Diana Wynne Jones
  • A Short History of Nearly Everything, by Bill Bryson
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, by J.K. Rowling